Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Round Gelli Plate Mixed Media Canvas


Happy Wednesday!

Today, I am up on the Hazel & Ruby Blog with a new project using one of my favorite mixed media tools, Gelli Plates.

The wonderful folks from Gelli Arts sent several of the Hazel & Ruby Makery Team members some of the new Round Gelli Plates to play with.  

 Today, I will show you how I created this Bright, Colorful, and Fun mixed media canvas.

 Step One
Using Artist Tape (or masking tape), tape off random sections of your canvas.  I used 2 different widths of tape for a more interesting look.

Step Two
'Ink' up your Gelli Plates with acrylic paint.  For some prints, I used a single color of paint, for other prints, I used 2 colors, letting them mix.

Step Three
Print onto canvas.  I used both the 4" and 6" Round Gelli plates, overlapping the images throughout my canvas.

Step Four
Once you are happy with your printed background, (and after the paint has dried) remove the tape.

Step Five
Cut strips of Hazel & Ruby, "Quote Collage" Pass the Tissue paper and adhere to canvas.

Step Six
Using Acrylic Paint Markers, add 'dots' to each Gelli Printed circle and paper strips, in coordinating colors.  This really makes the colors and design POP!

Step Seven
To highlight the paper strips, outline each strip with a Stabilo All pencil, and 'wet'.  The pencil marks look/act like watercolor when water is added.  Add doodling with white pen.  (I exclusively use the Uniball Signo Gel Pen for my white doodles)

Step Eight
Paint the edges of your canvas to finish.  I also sprayed my canvas with a final fixative to seal the paint and mediums in place.

I hope you enjoyed my Mixed Media canvas today!  Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

'Found' Fabric Mini Book

Happy Tuesday!

As promised, today, I am sharing my 'Found' Fabric Mini Book I have been working on for the past week.  My inspiration came from a Book Making Retreat I attended a month ago and since I've been back home, I've been wanted to use some of the techniques taught at the retreat on a new project.  (Thank you to our wonderful teachers Roxanne Evans Stout and Leslie Marsh)

I gathered several found objects, purchased findings, and various fabrics and papers and began.

But first, I had to decide what type of fabric book and binding I wanted, so I searched YouTube for some ideas.  I ran across this wonderful tutorial on how to create a 'pamphlet' style book, (which looks super easy), so that is was!

I started my pages by pulling out different fabrics, findings, and objects until they 'clicked'.  Little bits, layers, and stitching were a must, so I tried to add these to each page.


I also wanted several 'paper' inserts, so I rust dyed a large sheet of watercolor paper, and cut to size.  I also created a sheet of Shimmerz Paints colored Rice paper, which was adhered to the inside of each insert.  Love the color!
I added more fabrics, findings, and objects for a cohesive look.

I attached the inserts to my fabric book using 5 holes and ribbon.  Super easy and super quick.

As I was adding elements to each page, I tried to work on the opposite as well, keeping in mind stitch holes and placement.  I tried to hide the stitches where I didn't want them shown. Or incorporated them into the design like the below page shows.

And several more close-ups of each page....

I couldn't forget the front and back I embellished them as well.

The entire book is held together with 2 toggle latches and ribbon!  Easy, beautiful, and functional!

I hope you enjoyed my fabric mini book!  I really enjoyed creating it and I am sure you will see more of these types of projects from me in the future!

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a great day!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Deli Paper Technique for creating Mixed Media backgrounds

Happy Monday!

Today, I am up on the Shimmerz Blog with a super fun technique for creating random, spray mist and watercolor backgrounds, using Deli Paper.

The starting point (and inspiration catalyst) for my Art Journal pages always starts with my backgrounds.  I love to experiment and try new product and techniques for interesting and colorful designs.

I 'stumbled' upon this idea out of what already existed on my desk, deli paper.  A few years ago, I purchased a huge box of deli paper to use for Gelli Prints and layering in scrapbook pages.  Because I have more than I will ever use, I often use it to 'protect' my surface as I create other projects.  A few weeks ago, I had finished another project and loved the color left over on my deli paper, so I 'smooshed' it onto a black art journal page.  I loved the Kaleidoscope look so I thought it would be fun to play and create a background for a finished Art Journal page.

Here's a brief step by step on how I created this background.

Step One
Grab some of your favorite Shimmerz Sprays and Creemeez.  You will also need deli paper or wax paper.

Step Two
Spray and/or paint with your mists and watercolors, directly on the deli paper.  Not much spray/paint is needed as it beads up on the paper.

Step Three
Fold the deli paper in half (lengthwise) and smoosh the spray/paint together.  Colors will blend and mix beautifully.

 Step Four
Open your deli paper and 'print' directly onto your blank art journal page.  I love the mirrored image you get from the paint.

Step Five
Repeat Step Three and Four, adding layers to your art journal page until you have created a background you love.  I placed the deli paper in different directions on my page to add color in all directions.

Step Six
Add stamping, doodling, etc.
I painted my stamp with acrylic paint and stamped directly on my background.  I added doodling and words to finish my page.

This technique would look fabulous on a mixed media scrapbook layout as well.  I hope you enjoyed my project today.

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day!

p.s. Remember, if you were inspired by my project today, and place an order for Shimmerz product, mention my name in the 'Instructions to Merchant' section and receive FREE Shimmerz product.