Friday, May 22, 2015

Patriotic Decor - Paper Mache boxes and Hazel & Ruby DIY Decor Tape


Happy Friday and Happy Day Before a Long Weekend!  ;)

Today, I am up on the Hazel & Ruby blog with a project celebrating Memorial Day and all of those who have served our wonderful country!

I have to be honest, this is one of those projects that was so easy to create, I thought I was doing something wrong.  :)

I used 3 different sized paper mache boxes, purchased from Michaels for my Patriotic decor.

I covered each box with 8" Americana DIY Decor Tape.   The tape has the stars and stripes connected, but I thought it would be a fun twist to cut the stars and use them on my box lids.  DIY Decor Tape is so easy to use - stick and go!

(hint - I cut my DIY Decor Tape with an Xcto knife.  You get a clean, crisp cut)

For just a bit more personality, I added some twine and painted wooden stars to each box.  Stack 'em and your done!

I told you it was almost so easy it's wrong!

I really love the simplicity of the project, but it's overall impact and meaning!

I hope you enjoyed!  Have a Happy Memorial Day and Thank You for your service!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Etched Floral Mason Jars


Happy Monday!

I have another super fun, super trendy, and totally cool DIY project to share with y'all today! 
Over on the Hazel & Ruby blog, several of the Makery Team members were challenged to create with Mason Jars and and here's what we created!

Using several Mason Jars purchased from my local Michaels store, I created an Etched Floral Mason Jar project to brings the outside in!

I created the 'base' of my display with a small section of a re-cycled pallet.  I sanded and spray painted the board before attaching the Mason Jars.

 To prepare my Mason Jars for etching, I followed the manufacturers directions on cleaning and drying the jars.  (I used Martha Stewart etching cream - also purchased from Michaels)  

To create my Mason Jar sentiments/words, I cut 3 words using my Silhouette Cameo and Hazel & Ruby 'Cut Your Own Stencil' sheets.  These sheets are seriously a DIY'ers dream!  You can create ANYTHING with these sheets!  

My sentiments/words include: 'bloom', 'flower', and 'thrive'.

Another great thing about the 'Cut Your Own Stencil' sheets, is that they are somewhat 'sticky' and easiely hold onto the glass while applying the Etching Cream.  They formed around the shape so I was able to get a clean line.

I applied the etching cream (per the directions) and washed off after 15 minutes.  It was SO easy and I am now hooked!  I wonder what else I can create with etching cream!

To hold my Mason Jars to my pallet plank, I screwed 3 pipe clamps to the board, eye-balling the placement.  

All that was left was to add water and beautiful flowers!  

It is now proudly displayed in my main bathroom and brings the colorful outside world in.  I am thinking that I may change out the Mason Jars with new ones, with the words: 'cotton', 'gauze', and 'swabs', and fill the jars accordingly.  What do you think?  

Be sure and check out the Hazel & Ruby blog to see what the rest of the Makery Team created!  Amazing projects!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful week!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Art Journal Planner - May 2015


Hello and Happy Monday!  It's time for my next month of Art Journal Planner!  Today, I am sharing my May Art Journal Planner reveal!

In January, I introduced this new monthly series HERE!  Each month, I will share my finished pages and how I completed my previous month's calendar.

For a peek at April, click HERE!

This amazing Art Journal Planner was created my fabulous and wonderful creative friend, Catherine Matthews-Scanlon.  She has created an amazing base for a year long journal of recording my thoughts and feelings, while getting creative at the same time.

Catherine is also playing along with me this month.  Please take a minute and check out her Art Journal Planner HERE!

Let's start with my finished April Calendar.  I was inspired by a some of my favorite color palettes, Orange, Yellow, and Purple.  I featured lots of stamping this month, using some of my favorite Dina Wakley stamps as inspiration for my daily journals.

I used a variety of Shimmerz Paints, Tombow Markers, and Zig, Wink of Stella Markers to complete my monthly spread.

As before, I highlighted special days, and favorite quotes, during the month. I also used stamping as inspiration for the month's theme.

I love to combine days, to emphasize a shared feeling or thought carried over through several days.

I am crushing on the colors I used for April!  And I love how the stamping really inspired my 'she' theme.

But the fun didn't stop there...

I also painted a one of the gorgeous Original Catherine Scanlon drawings, included in the planner.

I wanted to create a unique color palette and design, so I used several coordinating shades of Shimmerz Sprays with Zig, Wink of Stella Markers.

I also added my own design to the page with doodles in both black and white.

I am beginning to journal on the extra, blank pages in my Art Journal Planner, and this month, I completed 2 spreads.

My 1st page was painted with a combination of Distress Paints, Shimmerz Paints, and embossing.

I used one of Catherine Scanlon's stamp sets on this page with a favorite quote.

In addition to my hand painted Floral pages, I embellished my front and back covers with more Catherine Scanlon Stamps.

My 2nd page was inspired by Opposites.  I used opposite words as my journaling.

and you'll see a small peek at my May Calendar in progress.

I cannot wait to complete May!  See you this time next month for a new reveal!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!

p.s. If you were inspired by my use of Shimmerz products, when you place an order, please mention my name in the 'Instructions to Merchant' section.  You will receive FREE Shimmerz product! Easy Peasy!


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wooden Pallet Mantra Sign


Happy Thursday!

I am LOVIN' my project today and I hope you do too!  Today, I am sharing a fun post with my lovely friends from the Hazel & Ruby Makery Team.  We were challenged to create with a wooden pallet and here's what we created!

 Using a re-cycled wooden pallet, I created a Home Decor Mantra sign, as a reminder to live in the moment and not be attached to my phone, social media, and technology.  :)

Before I share more details about my project, I have to first let you know about working with pallets.  They suck!  (hee-hee)

Pallets are a royal pain in the butt to get apart and after about an hour or so, I only managed to removed 3 planks from my pallet and gave up.  I used a crowbar and my pure strength (ha!), but it just wasn't enough.  Only 1 plank was 'in tact', so I used it for another project you'll see coming in May.

Embracing imperfection, I went with my broken and splintered pieces to create my Mantra sign.

Once I removed the plank from my pallet, I gave my piece a quick sand.  Not sure fine or detailed, just enough to get rid of the rough edges.

I then sprayed the entire piece with white spray paint, not too concerned with complete coverage.  I knew I would be sanding some of it off.

Once the white was dry, I added my Broadside Alpha stencil-masks to my piece, then sprayed it with a blue spray paint.  Using spray paint with the stencil-masks is my favorite application technique.  You get clean, crisp lines with little dry time.  

Once the spray paint had dried, I removed the stencil-masks.  If I use basic acrylic paint with my stencil-masks, I remove them right away and clean them up immediately.  With spray paint, I keep them on till the paint is dry and leave them 'un-cleaned'.  They still work fabulously.

I wanted lots of aging and distressing, so I sanded over the painted surface both with and against the grain.  Love how it looks.  

To finish it off, I applied Distress Stain over the entire piece for more aging and weathering.  It also toned down the bright white.

It is now proudly displayed in my front foyer area as a daily reminder to BE HERE NOW!

Be sure and check out the Hazel & Ruby blog to see what the rest of the Makery Team created!  Amazing projects!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Getting Buggy with a Mixed Media Canvas, Shimmerz Paints, and Paper Whimsy Alterables!


Happy Monday!  Today, I am up on the Shimmerz Blog with a fun, funky, and totally cool project:  A Buggy Mixed Media canvas!

 One of my favorite project types to create these days, is anything dimensional, different, and alterable.  Today, I am sharing a fun and funky Bug Canvas, using Shimmerz Paints and Paper Whimsy Alterables.

My original intention was to create a step by step how-to, but I got so involved in my projects, the step by step phased out, so I will try and explain my process as I go along.  ;)

Step One:  Cover each Alterable piece with Gesso.

 Step Two:  Add texture with Dazzelerz and your favorite stencil(s).

Step Three:  Add color with your favorite Shimmerz Sprays. 
Repeat across all Alterable pieces until happy with color and texture.  

Step Four:  Prepare Canvas.  I sprayed the background of my canvas with a Shimmerz Spray and checkerboard stencil.  I dried this completely, then sprayed the entire canvas with another color. 
p.s. I'll let you in on a little secret.  My original idea was to use the backside of the canvas and place my 'bug' over the back opening.  I really didn't like how the back looked after I finished it, so I went with Plan B (the front), and loved how it turned out.

Step Five:  Prepare metal tacks.  I covered 50 (or so) black tacks with gesso, then painted each with Shimmerz sprays and Creemez.  I then hammered them into my canvas, all around the outer edge.  As you can image, the hammering removed the paint from several tacks, so I just re-applied the paints to the tacks and viola! In hindsight, I should have just added the gesso/paint after I hammered them in. Not sure what I was thinking. :)  

 I assembled the Bug, adding several metal embellishments, re-colored with Red Alcohol Ink. 

 I really love how this turned out!  It is TOTALLY ME!  What do you think? ;)

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a terrific week!

Remember, if you were inspired by my project today and place a Shimmerz order, please mention my name in the 'Instructions to Merchant' section and you will receive FREE product.    ;).