Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Starting from the Same Place Artist Collaboration


Happy Tuesday!

I have a very special post for y'all today that has taken several months from inception to completion and I am so happy with how it turned out.

For the past several years, I periodically host collaborations on Facebook.  I really love creating art with my art sisters and occasionally the collaborations involve traveling art which is always a highlight.

The idea behind the latest collaboration was to create a project using the same materials and products.  When the idea was posted on FB, I was overwhelmed with the response and it truly made my heart full of joy!  There is over 60+ artists who are participating and the creativity is out of this world!

Here's a peek at what we were sent.

 Most of the items were from my own stash, but several of my friends also contributed to the 'kits'.  I would like to say a special Thank You to the following for helping create an amazing collab.  

Camille McCoy, Mitra Pratt, Kristie Taylor, Diana Gabriella, Katrina Hunt, Laura Mooney, Susan Brown, and Candy Rosenberg. 

In addition, we had two wonderful sponsors who donated product to the kits:  Beacon Adhesives and Amazing Casting Products. Thank you!

When putting the 'kit' together, I didn't have an end project in mind.  I just went through my stash, pulling items that I thought would challenge and engage the artists. As I sat staring at the items, my mind immediately went to 'mini book', BUT, I wanted to do something different!  And boy, I did!  :)

Your initial reaction might think, 'Oh, that's creepy' or 'Oh, that's weird', but I like creepy and weird, so this is totally me!  

Using the fabric pieces, I constructed a body and head.  

  Using bits and pieces from the kit (I used all but one item from the kit.  I am so proud of myself), I added embellishments, decorations, and elements to my doll.  In an odd way, the randomness made it all co-hesive.  

I used the resistors parts as 'hair', which really turned my doll into something unique.

The only added parts are the face from Relics & Artifacts, and resin molded arms and legs from my own stash. 

But because I ♥♥♥ creating mini books, I took the leftover parts to create one.  


It's rustic, organic, and speaks to me on many levels.

Are you ready for more inspiration?  Just check out this graphic for snippets of each project!  Whoa!

Please, please, please, visit each artist's blog and for those who don't blog, they will also be sharing their projects on Facebook and IG.  Please be looking for them.  :)

Also, I am giving away two of these 'kits' to two lucky readers. Please comment below for a chance!

  Thank you for stopping by!  Want to participate in our next collaboration?  Be sure and find me on Facebook and watch my feed!  

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hallow's Eve Gate Keeper, Assemblage


Autumn is my favorite time of the year.  I love the colors, the smells, the weather, and most of all, the holiday season; Halloween! Creating Halloween projects is something I look forward to each year and this year is no exception.  It's all about spooky, eerie, and mysterious.

This years project was inspired by skulls.  Nothing says Halloween more than creepy skulls.
The skull is a Relics and Artifacts piece, painted with crackle paint and ages with Distress Stain.  Check out this detail.tion.  It's all about spooky, eerie, and mysterious.


 My skull needs a gate to keep all un-worldly begings from escaping, so the Amazing Alterable, 'Gothic Window Frame' and 'Fancy Window No. 1' was a perfect representation of a Hallow's Eve gate.
To create my windows, the frame of each window was 'glitterfied' (I think I just made up a word).  I backed each frame with a sheet of vintage German paper, then added a layer of Clear Casting Resin.  When you apply Clear Resin to paper, the paper becomes transparent.  How cool!

The covering of each background piece was a scrap piece of rusted paper.  I had been using a sheet of deli paper underneath several pieces that were being rusted.  I love the randomness of the rust pattern and thought it was perfect for my spooky project. 

To keep with the rusty theme, I rusted a large Dresden piece from Relics & Artifacts.  A few more bits and bobs and my Gate Keeper is complete. 

I hope you enjoyed my Hallow's Eve project.  As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by.  Have a great day!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Patchwork Art Journal Page


Happy Thursday!  Today is Throwback Thursday over at the StencilGirl Talk blog.  Each month, the Creative Team creates amazing projects using some of the 'oldie but goodie' stencils.  

 I wanted to challenge myself to create an art journal page using just one stencil, combined with various art journal techniques.  I really love how this art journal process turned out.  Before we talk about the steps, let's check out the completed page. 

I wanted to try some ideas that had been rolling around in my head, so let's see where I started.

Step One
Cover page with black gesso.

Step Two
Cut a pattern out of scrap paper, think 'paper snowflake'.

Step Three
Using modeling paste, stencil over cut shape.  The though is that you will end up with only a stenciled shape.

Step Four
This wasn't exactly the look I was going for, so let's add some paint.  Randomly paint with a pallet knife.

 Step Five
To be honest, I was stuck.  I was loving the color combination and the texture, but wasn't sure what to do next.  SO....I resorted to an ole' standby.  Let's cut it up!

 Step Six
Let's put it back together again, but in a random combination.  I stitched the page back together and was now lovin' how this was looking.

 Step Seven
Add more texture with the same stencil, as well as hand drawn doodles and coloring.

I added my journaling and done!

StencilGirl Stencil Used
 Grid A1

Thank you for stopping by!  Be sure to hop on over to the StencilGirl Talk blog for more creative inspiration!