Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wooden Pallet Mantra Sign


Happy Thursday!

I am LOVIN' my project today and I hope you do too!  Today, I am sharing a fun post with my lovely friends from the Hazel & Ruby Makery Team.  We were challenged to create with a wooden pallet and here's what we created!

 Using a re-cycled wooden pallet, I created a Home Decor Mantra sign, as a reminder to live in the moment and not be attached to my phone, social media, and technology.  :)

Before I share more details about my project, I have to first let you know about working with pallets.  They suck!  (hee-hee)

Pallets are a royal pain in the butt to get apart and after about an hour or so, I only managed to removed 3 planks from my pallet and gave up.  I used a crowbar and my pure strength (ha!), but it just wasn't enough.  Only 1 plank was 'in tact', so I used it for another project you'll see coming in May.

Embracing imperfection, I went with my broken and splintered pieces to create my Mantra sign.

Once I removed the plank from my pallet, I gave my piece a quick sand.  Not sure fine or detailed, just enough to get rid of the rough edges.

I then sprayed the entire piece with white spray paint, not too concerned with complete coverage.  I knew I would be sanding some of it off.

Once the white was dry, I added my Broadside Alpha stencil-masks to my piece, then sprayed it with a blue spray paint.  Using spray paint with the stencil-masks is my favorite application technique.  You get clean, crisp lines with little dry time.  

Once the spray paint had dried, I removed the stencil-masks.  If I use basic acrylic paint with my stencil-masks, I remove them right away and clean them up immediately.  With spray paint, I keep them on till the paint is dry and leave them 'un-cleaned'.  They still work fabulously.

I wanted lots of aging and distressing, so I sanded over the painted surface both with and against the grain.  Love how it looks.  

To finish it off, I applied Distress Stain over the entire piece for more aging and weathering.  It also toned down the bright white.

It is now proudly displayed in my front foyer area as a daily reminder to BE HERE NOW!

Be sure and check out the Hazel & Ruby blog to see what the rest of the Makery Team created!  Amazing projects!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Getting Buggy with a Mixed Media Canvas, Shimmerz Paints, and Paper Whimsy Alterables!


Happy Monday!  Today, I am up on the Shimmerz Blog with a fun, funky, and totally cool project:  A Buggy Mixed Media canvas!

 One of my favorite project types to create these days, is anything dimensional, different, and alterable.  Today, I am sharing a fun and funky Bug Canvas, using Shimmerz Paints and Paper Whimsy Alterables.

My original intention was to create a step by step how-to, but I got so involved in my projects, the step by step phased out, so I will try and explain my process as I go along.  ;)

Step One:  Cover each Alterable piece with Gesso.

 Step Two:  Add texture with Dazzelerz and your favorite stencil(s).

Step Three:  Add color with your favorite Shimmerz Sprays. 
Repeat across all Alterable pieces until happy with color and texture.  

Step Four:  Prepare Canvas.  I sprayed the background of my canvas with a Shimmerz Spray and checkerboard stencil.  I dried this completely, then sprayed the entire canvas with another color. 
p.s. I'll let you in on a little secret.  My original idea was to use the backside of the canvas and place my 'bug' over the back opening.  I really didn't like how the back looked after I finished it, so I went with Plan B (the front), and loved how it turned out.

Step Five:  Prepare metal tacks.  I covered 50 (or so) black tacks with gesso, then painted each with Shimmerz sprays and Creemez.  I then hammered them into my canvas, all around the outer edge.  As you can image, the hammering removed the paint from several tacks, so I just re-applied the paints to the tacks and viola! In hindsight, I should have just added the gesso/paint after I hammered them in. Not sure what I was thinking. :)  

 I assembled the Bug, adding several metal embellishments, re-colored with Red Alcohol Ink. 

 I really love how this turned out!  It is TOTALLY ME!  What do you think? ;)

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a terrific week!

Remember, if you were inspired by my project today and place a Shimmerz order, please mention my name in the 'Instructions to Merchant' section and you will receive FREE product.    ;).

Friday, April 10, 2015

Plain Containers Prettied-Up with DIY Decor Tape


Happy Friday!

Today, I am up on the Hazel & Ruby blog with a super quick project - Prettied-Up Containers!

I am sure you are like me and have tons of empty, plain containers just laying around.  I buy them with the intention of getting organized and filling them full of pretties!  But somehow, I never get around to organizing.

So instead of organizing and filling my containers full of pretties, why not Prettify them Up?  (I am positive that is not a word - but works for me)

I gathered up one of my favorite DIY Decor Tapes, 4" Gold, and wrapped it around the lower half of my container.  I actually was able to use 1 piece on 2 containers, cutting it in half, lengthwise.  Stick it on!

I then added a piece of ribbon and twine, all wrapped up in a nice bow.  

I die-cut several circular shapes with my Spellbinders Grand Calibur, using several Gold Facets dies. I attached them together with a brad and glued them in place.

The lid was a plain silver color, so I painted them in a coordinating blue color.  Perfect!

And done!  Just like that!  Now I have 2 Prettied-Up Containers that look fantastic on my shelf!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.....Art Journal Play!


Happy Thursday!

Today, I thought I would share a fun, light post of some recent Art Journal projects that I haven't shared on the blog yet.  I find that I am creating more and more Art Journal pages these days, especially when I have snippets of time, here and there.  Art Journal pages are the perfect art medium for creating in little bits of time.

I finally pulled out one of my Jamie Dougherty Bloom Girls stamps and had so much fun creating this Art Journal spread.  Using the stamps as a guide, I colored them in with Wink of Stella markers and my favorite white doodling pen.

I actually created this Art Journal page almost 9 months ago, as a Design Team project for VivaLasVegasStamps.  I didn't need it for an official project, so it's just been sitting in my computer.

This Art Journal page was created almost a year ago, before I was an official Education Team member for Shimmerz and before Inklingz had been released. Just a simple page, but it allowed me to create, without pressure.

This funky and fun page is almost a year old as well.  I LOVE creating with Crowabout Studio printables.  I love the quirky, weird, and off the wall images!      

My last page was created over a year ago.  It is a resin coated vintage paper spread, using Montana Markers for my floral design.

That's all for today!  I hope you enjoyed and were a bit inspired to go create!