Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poem Thursday's......

I'm actually a little surprised that I've taken to this 'poem writing' and how much I am enjoying it.  In some ways, it brings out the words and feelings that seem to run thru this demented brain of mine.  Therefore, instead of bombarding you every day with poem's :), I'm going to accumulate them weekly, and 'publish' them on Thursday's. 

"Poem Thursday's" is born!

Let's kick it off with a new one....

hope you enjoy.

To Be
to become...
to remain....

Balancing the spiritual side of the brain,
with the realistic side.
carrying the Burden, following the shore,
overcoming the danger.

to exist...
to take effect....

Driven by the disorder and stranded.
Compelled by the earth and the sea.
The Beam of sun mixes with the
oil of the soil.

to be patient...
to make happy...

Repeating the frequency,
the apparatus called life.
To be.

Have a great Thursday!

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