Saturday, November 13, 2010


Another exercise in "Inner Excavation" is to write poetry using a 'word toolbox'.  I am finding that this is actually a very easy (and fun) way to create INSTANT POETRY.  One method of a 'word toolbox' is to tear a page from a old dictionary, magazine, or book.  You highlight words that catch your eye and use these as prompts to create your masterpiece.

Here is my first ever try...

I play on emotions
to free the velvet instrument
of pleasure inside myself
The music sings my story
of Gold and Silver, and the
feather plumes adorn my stout
and rosy head
Water soothes the ornament of life
and is plentiful
Don't argue, this is the path of
my story....
Love is abundant.

This is another poem that I wrote last night.  See if you can guess where the 'word toolbox' came from.

Define the self
Single energy, mutual effect,
multiple frequency
Three phases to Build self respect
Chapter Two, test the self
Direct energy, name the differences
let your skin feel the wire
Chapter Nine.
Remove the graphic nature,

Try it, you might like it.  :)

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