Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poem Thursday.....

Hello everyone....

Here are a couple of poems I wrote this week....I wasn't as inspired as previous weeks, but it has been busy and perhaps I was just tired.  :) they are.

The Sound of the Trumpet

The sound of the trumpet hailed in the Century
The long journey, of many thousands had ended.
I glanced at the good fortune of the village
and sang a song that charmed the masses.
No longer deprived, the thousands engaged
in animated conversation.
I did not hesitate at Station Number 7,
unyeilded to the never ending human nature.
Strong and unsolved was the attitude of all.

Pot of Gold
Master of my fate,
satisfied, genuine, spoiled.
Hopes of years, full of fallacy, problems and disappointments.
In the garden is a coffer lined with gold
For the brilliant and talented
My mind longs for the unsatisfied, but my eyes
see the rainbow.
Captain of my soul,
Dashed to earth.
Mistaken notion of obscurity
My coveted treasure of happiness.

That's all for tonight.  Have a great one.


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