Monday, March 7, 2011

~Moosie Monday~ (March 7, 2011) and some other stuff :)

Hi everyone!!

This week's Moosie Monday will be short and sweet.

As y'all know, Moosie thinks very highly of himself.  When I snapped this picture, the following immediately came to mind.  It sounds like something he would definately say!  (what can I say??  he is kinda cute)

"What??  I can't help it.  I was born with these good looks."

Also, I had a very productive, scrappy weekend.  Here are a couple of layouts.  Simplier than my usual, but really like 'em. 

"100% sunshine"

"I love you"

That's all for tonight.  I hope your week is fabulous!


Lisa Andrews said...

These are both great layouts! I really like how you turned a lot of the elements on their side for the second layout. Very cool idea!

Leeann Pearce said...

Hey Tina... just gorgeous pages here girl... awesome design and I especially love that sunflower. Lots of fun elements to browse over!!!

Thanks for popping by it's always great to see you.


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