Thursday, May 19, 2011

Resurrection of Poem Thursdays :)

Good evening everyone!  I have been neglecting my "Inner Self" book and the creative exercises that are shared in the book, so I thought I'd write a few poems using the 'random page from a book' method.  So here goes....

The Traveler
My fingers, extinguish the pain,
and give to sudden impulses.
I travel on a vessel, trying to facilitate the strong urge,
and limiting the number of disappointments.
Idly busy, I reach an inlet of the sea.  Emanating affection,
I touch the water.
The fire discharges from the tip of my finger as I try
to touch the sky. 
Suddenly the highest cloud cracks as
the end draws near.
The travelers decree is complete.

Mutual exchange
Compassion and pity
Commit to something,
The instrument of form and compass
Travel to the open
Examine the positive
Affairs of the heart support the passage
To reveal the untitled companion
These things matter.

Trailers and Banjos
The gentle girl asked in an unsmiling way
Spoken with a thankful twinkle.
Along the street, the wild boy
could see the gorgeous girl.
At last, the reason was apparent to each other.
Nothing was left as the sun shined on the grave.
The circus was no more.

That's it.  If you are interested in this poem writing method, let me know.  I'll share a few pointers.

Have a great crafty night!

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