Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Put the Soup on.....

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Everyone run to the kitchen and grab a spoon, cuz the soup is on!!!!!

(yes, I have lost my mind :)  work has me a little stressed out and I'm feeling a little loopy at the moment)

Starting in July, I will part of the Creative Team for an awesome and relatively new, inspiration and weekly challenge forum, called 'The Creative Soup'.

They share great challenges and provide a ton of if you ever get stuck and your crafty Mojo has disappeared, stop on by and see what challenges and inspiration are being shared. 

I'd love to see some familiar faces on the board (yes, that means you).  Come on by and show this group some of your amazingly terrific crafty creations!

Click here for a link to the Kitchen!

See you soon!  Have a fantabulous (is that a word?) day!


Susan said...

Congrats Tina!! You are so talented and I love your work!!

Eila Sandberg said...

HA HA aaaaand ... drumroll! just ticking off my boxes!! Congrats again! :))) xoxox


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