Thursday, July 21, 2011

Old Fashioned Scrapbooking.....

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Happy Thursday everyone!

When I was cleaning the house last weekend, I ran across my first ever scrapbook.  WOW, how my style and scrapbooking designs have changed.  This particular book is about 12 years old, and shows how basic my style was back then.

I really love how scrapbooking has 'evolved' thru the years.  It now encompasses all types of arts:  painting, paper piecing and crafting, sewing, journaling, mixed media, etc. etc. and etc.

I think the thing that draws me into to the 'art of scrapbooking' is the ability to use any craft, technique, or style to make it your own.  You can use pre-bought embellishments or you can create your own.  You can use some of the beautiful pre-made patterned paper that is produced today, or you can create your own unique masterpieces.  Pretty much anything goes.

I would love to hear how scrapbooking has changed for you through the years and what you love most about this craft. 

Here's a few shares of some of my first scrapbook pages.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  :)

Have a great day!


Lynn said...

cute...looks familiar! we sure gave those decorative scissors a workout in those days. tfs You have inspired me to get out some old albums and look through them again.

Ashley Horton said...

How fun Tina! Great to see how you have evolved! I think we all started out with those "home-made" kind of pages. I don't think I hardly bought any products from the store for my first book. All of my embellies were hand-made (and not the good kind of hand-made I do now) and I printed almost all of my papers. Thanks for sharing with us!

Fran Brunke said...

Your pages look pretty evolved to me. We moved 3 months ago and I found the box with all my kids' old Baby Books inside. Stone age relics- we are talking 35 years ago! Zero embellishments, and less than zero technique in those days. Very cool to realize I've always been a scrapbooker at heart, and to see how much it's evolved. Great topic, thanks!

Eila Sandberg said...

Yup! Purged my stash when moving into my miniature nook a few weeks ago and actually binned a pile of my first ... well, don't even have a name for what they were. So admire your style Tina but am clueless as how to create it myself. Love your stories and fantastic detail work. xxxxx


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