Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring time in Holland!

These past several weeks have been crazy busy, and unfortunately won't slow down until late June.  But at least I got to travel to beautiful Holland a couple of weeks ago.  (One great perk of my job).  I fell in love with Amsterdam and the entire country.  The people are fantastic and the countryside is gorgeous.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.  (you might see them in some future layouts :)) Enjoy!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! and some more layouts with the April LBD Kit

Happy Easter to all!  Here are a couple more layouts created with the April Little Black Dress Kit.  This kit was amazing and every part of it was wonderful.  I hope you enjoy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

~Ugly Ducking~ LBD April Kit

Hello everyone!  Here's another layout created using the awesome stuff from the April "Little Black Dress Kit Club".  The colors were soooo yummy!  :)

The photo was taken earlier this year at Tracy Avairy.  It was still winter, but the birds were enjoying the 'warm' weather.

I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~ABCs of Life~ LBD April Kit

Hi everyone!  {My poor neglected blog.}  Work has been keeping me so busy lately, I haven't scrapped in ages.  Here is a layout using product from the Little Black Dress April Kit.  This months kit has gorgeous paper and embellies from Glitz.  When I opened the package I think I actually gasped.  :)  The papers are stunning and who doesn't love this yummy orange and green.  Stay tuned for more layouts using this kit.  I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun and Easy Project! Inchie Wall Art

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I've haven't had much crafting time lately, with traveling and training for work, but I thought I would share a fun and easy project I created for the "Little Black Dress" Kit Club.  I used paper from the April kit and the tutorial is below.  I'd love to see your Inchie Wall Art projects!  Please share them.  :)

I’d like to share a quick tutorial on how to create these fun & easy Wall Art projects.  I call them my ‘Inchie Wall Art’, and no two are alike.  They can be created for various themes or color schemes, such as cute Baby Shower gifts, ‘Welcome’ gifts, or Office motivational wall art.
What I like the most about these easy projects is that they are NOT exact, and anything goes.  You can use any color, medium, and tool that you want, and by changing the sequence that you use them, you can create different looks.
Here is a list of some of your basic supplies:
 watercolor paper, ruler, pencil, gesso, paint, markers, rub-on's, paper, 1 inch paper punch, and gel medium. (The punch in the picture is a circle punch.  You will need a square punch)
Start with a piece of watercolor paper cut to the size of your finished project.  My favorite size is 12 x 12, but the sample in this tutorial is 8 x 8.
For an 8 x 8 project, you will need to create a grid on your watercolor paper using approx 1 3/16 squares. 

In the 8 x 8 example, you will need to punch out 49 squares.   I like to use a variety of paper, both patterns and solids.  6 x 6 and 8 x 8 pads of paper are great for this project.  You use a majority of an individual sheet of paper without much waste.
Layout out your design by randomly placing your inch squares on the grid.  Move the squares around until they are placed where you want them.  If it looks good, go with it.Next, you need to adhere the inchies’ to the watercolor paper.  It’s important to note that both sides of the inchie must be coated with gel medium. A simple way to do this is to remove 1 row of inchies’, cover that row (on the watercolor paper) with gel medium, re-place the inchies’ and repeat with each row until the entire page is done.  This also allows you to remember where you had placed each inchie in the previous step.
Once all inchies’ are in place, coat the entire sheet with another layer of gel medium.  Let dry.  I usually let it dry over-night and work on the next step the following day.
Now comes the fun part.  The next several steps can be done in any order, or can be eliminated completely if you desire.  If you want a bolder look, use more paint, if you want a more subtle look, use less paint.  It is entirely up to you.  And remember, this project is not about being exact.  The messier, the better.  Coloring outside of the lines is desired, and smudges of color here and there, make each project unique.
Special Note:  I suggest that your thoroughly allow each of the following steps to dry completely before proceeding to the next or the paint and colors may run together and you will lose the definition of each.
For this tutorial, I will explain the steps I used to create this example.
Step 1
‘Outline’ each square with gesso.  I wiped off most of the paint before outlining each square, but not so much that it is considered dry brushing.  Let dry completely.

Step 2 
Randomly ‘Outline’ each square with a china marker.  I also outlined several patterns and drew lines on individual squares.  Regular thin line markers work well too.

Step 3
‘Outline’ each square with a gold metallic marker.  I have used all sorts of markers, but I really like the look that metallic’s give.  Again, I added additional emphasis on individual squares.  Let dry completely.

Step 4
‘Outline’ squares again with China marker for more definition and randomness.

Step 5
Using either white acrylic paint or gesso, randomly paint on your piece.  I used bubble-wrap and my FAVORITE tool – an old credit card.  I love to ‘swipe’ the card thru the paint and drag it along the squares, allowing the paint to grab on the raised surface.  It creates a great look and effect.  Let dry completely.
Step 6
Using distress crackle paint, randomly paint the piece.  Let dry completely.

Step 7
Randomly apply run-ons.  Write on individual squares. If you want more color, ‘outline’ squares again, apply more crackle paint, or mist on random spots. 

Step 8
For this example, I used some letters from the kit and some from my stash to create the word “Dream’.  I gesso-ed over the top of each letter, and sanded them when they were dry.  I placed the word in the desired spot and glued down.

Step 9
Once everything is in place, cover the entire piece with another coat of gel medium.  This seals everything in.
Step 10
Frame and enjoy!

So start working on these fab-u-lous wall art projects!  I want to see your ideas!