Friday, January 20, 2012

CSI Case File#3 - Live with Abandon/Life Stops for No One

Happy Friday!  I love Fridays for many reasons - the end of the work week - SUPER YIPPEE!  a weekend ahead of crafting, and reveal time at CSI - Colors, Stories, and Inspiration.

Debbi has outdone herself once again...the challenge this week was a tough one.  I had originally intended NOT to create a layout.  I was struggling with the colors and the inspiration prompts and couldn't find the right match.  But, I was looking for a challenge, so last week, I pulled the challenge back out and ended up with TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT layouts, using the same prompts. 

Here's the challenge...

WOW, you say?? too.  :)

So I pulled out my stash and went to work.  Here's my first layout and a short video that explains my design process and challenge elements in more detail.

'Life stops for no-one'

The elements I chose to incorporate into this layout were the following:
* doily print*
* circular elements*
* repetition *
* Use second person point of view *

Here's my second layout, and part two of my design process video.

'Live with abandon'

The elements I chose to incorporate into my layout was the following:
* tags*
* gold metallic elements*
* journal on a tag or series of tags *
* Inspiration words: fulfillment *

I hope you find time to play along with this week's challenge.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your crafting!


Ashley Horton said...

Both of these are amazing Tina and it doesn't look like you struggled at all!! I love the black background on the second one!! The purple is killing's been in the past two color schemes!! :) That is my least favorite color of all, but since it's a challenge, I will find some way to make it work!! :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

Debbi Tehrani said...

Love both your pages, Tina, and your videos rock, as always! So thrilled to have you on the CSI team!

Karen said...

Wow Tina, from no layots to two is certainly a huge shift. Love both of your pages and I totally love the videos you have been putting up.
Thanks for sharing your creative process with us!

Tiffany Davis said...

I love all of your stuff! Just so you know, I gave you a Liebster award on my blog!

Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

I just love your layouts! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

WillieburgScrapper said...

LOVE this page Tina! The kraft elements are fantastic!! Great design too.

Helen Tilbury said...

Beautiful work as always Tina! I will definitely be back to study the videos when I have more time...and thank you for your encouragement on my blog - it means so much to me - I am so glad to have met you via CCG!


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