Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy "Ye Scurvy Dog!" talk like a pirate day!

Good Morn'n me dear crafty buckos an' followers! Just a really blunderbustingly quick post today in honor o' 'Talk like a Pirate Day'. I "Three Sheets To The Wind!" thought it would be fun t' post someth'n carbunculously short in 'Pirate speak'. :)

I saw these great Crafty quotes on Pinterest, so I thought I'd share them here, an' translate them t' Pirate! :)

"Keep Calm an' G't Your Craft On"

"Be'n a good Scrapbooker be 3% talent, 97% nay be'n distracted by th' internet"

"When people ask me how did ye g't t' be so creative? I tell them cause I Ate Paste as a child"

Have a lustily happy day full o' laughter!


1 comment:

melshappyscrappyplace said...

Too cute! Love me some good quotes :) especially when some pirate lingo gets thrown into the mix!


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