Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sketches and Tangerine Tango.....

Hi everyone! 

Today, I would like to share my take on The Paper Bakery, January Sketch #2. Once again, Grace outdid herself. This was such an awesome sketch and I had alot of fun with it. Here's the sketch.

You still have a couple of days to get working on your sketch.  They are due Sunday, January 29th.

In addition to using the sketch, I wanted to incorporate the 2012 Color of the Year - Tangerine Tango into my layout. In case you haven't seen the Pantone color of the year, here are a couple of images that give you an idea of this color. I would love to hear if you love it or hate it! I LOVE it - but then again, orange is one of my fave colors (at the moment) :)

It's a pretty bold, bright color, huh?

For my layout, I actually kept to the sketch pretty close, but 'crunched' all of the elements into a block. Blocking is such a fun, easy way to create alot of visual interest to a layout. Since the Tangerine Tango is so bold, I used it in moderation, but still enough to have impact.

That's all for today. 
I would love to hear what you think about the sketch and Tangerine Tango!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting from A to X, Y, and Z - CSI Case File #4

Yay - It's Friday (doing a serious Happy Dance here).  I am ready for some crafting and getting dirty this weekend!  How about you?

Friday's are reveal days over at CSI.  If you haven't had a chance to check out this INCREDIBLE challenge site, you really should take a few minutes to see what it's all about.  Debbi puts together awesome challenges every week, and it really pushes you out of your scrappy comfort zone.  I LOVE IT!

During the month of January, the DT has shared their Design process secrets, me included.  :)  I have been sharing short videos of my design process and how I create my CSI layouts and use the challenge prompts to find inspiration.  To change things up this week, I thought I would share how I take a CSI challenge, and turn it into a finished layout.  (Be warned, this post is rather long, and full of skip ahead if you just want to see the finished product.)

Without further adieu, here is how I get from...

A to X, Y, and Z.

This is how is all starts. 

And this is how it ends.

I would love to say I have a consistent process, week to week, but I don’t.  I really just ‘go with the flow’ and find inspiration from each challenge in different ways.

When a new Case File is published, I read through the prompts, look at the inspiration photo, and just stare in amazement at the color palette. J Depending on what ‘pops off the page’ at me and what sparks my interest, I may start my creative journey down different paths.

Sometimes, the Case File sparks a specific photo and that photo starts the creative process. I use that photo as my starting point and build on it by incorporating the color palette, design elements, and journaling prompts. At other times, a design element or journaling prompt may trigger an idea, and the rest of the process falls in place.

In many instances, I am inspired by the color palette and start by digging through my stash for any product that would ‘work’ for the challenge. Sometimes I even pull out product that doesn’t match the color palette, but may work for other prompts knowing that I can change the color with inks, paints, and sprays.

This was how I approached my creative process for Case File#4.

I started by digging through my stash. Yes, this can turn into a big project if you have an abundance of stuff, but can be fun too. It’s like going shopping in your own scrapbook store. (It has also caused a sudden obsession with a stash purge at 1am in the morning. J)

Here are some pictures of what my archeological dig found for Case File #4. (I told you it would uncover a lot of stuff)

As you can see, so many options exist at this stage, the possibilities are endless, and almost unmanageable.

At this point, I usually find the photo I want to use on the layout and use it as a starting point to narrow my product choices. For Case File #4, my photo choice came from the inspiration photo. I was drawn toward the water and searched through my photos for one that was based on water, a beach, travel childhood play, etc. When I found this vintage photo of my mom, my sister, and I, I thought it would be a perfect match for the challenge. Now that I had my photo, I started narrowing my product choice for items that coordinated with the photo.

To continue narrowing down my stash options, I used the design element of frames and stripes to find paper that reflected these elements. This awesome Studio Calico paper was the base for my frame and stripe layout, but I really wanted to build on this theme. I ‘framed’ my photo with circles cut from various patterned papers, then placed this ‘framed’ center piece on a larger square of patterned paper. I stitched around the outside of this, thus ‘framing’ the entire piece, but didn’t stop there. I wanted more ‘framing’ so I stitched a frame around the outside of the background paper and placed that paper on another piece of patterned paper. All of these layers were placed on top a piece of coordinating cardstock. Framing at the MAX! :)

Here are some more pictures of what my desk looks like during this process.

To finish the layout, I added butterflies, rub-on’s, journaling words (in a series of steps), and a quote that was inspired by the Inspiration words. (Quote reads: ‘I think I’ve discovered the secret of life – you just hang around till you get used to it’ by Charles M Shultz)

I wanted to show you that during this creative process, I may also try different designs and move stuff around on my page until I find a design I am happy with. During the design process, I will frequently take pictures with my phone (that’s why the quality is poor), to document different design layouts. This has come in handy in cases where I want to ‘go back’ to a previous design. Here are a couple different designs I tried before settling on the finished project.

Here is a picture of the finished layout again, and some close-ups.

Because I enjoyed the challenge this week, I created another layout, using the same prompts and inspiration points from the Case File.  Here it is....

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my ‘crazy, crafty mind’!  If I could provide one piece of creative advice – ‘JUST GO WITH IT’.  Try out new techniques, cut up paper, move it around, spray it, paint it, ink it.   If it doesn’t work, try again.  Have fun with it.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Happy Times 2" and a sneak from CSI - Case File #4

Hello everyone!  I hope your week has been good so far and the weather in your part of the world has been pleasant.  It's cold and snowy here in Utah, but it is January!?!  :)

Today, I thought it would be fun to share a happy, little ‘mistake’ that I created a few weeks back, using the January Paper Bakery kit.  It started with an experiment and a tag, and ended with a finished layout.

My background came from the following:  I was playing around with several mists, Shiva paint-sticks, and a stencil on a blank piece of white cardstock. I was trying different splatter techniques and seeing what type of effects I could create with a stencil and Shiva paint-stick. I had a cool design started on this piece of paper, but had no end result in mind. Therefore, the paper went promptly into the ‘future drawer’. (I keep a drawer of all my experiments, mistakes, and leftover ideas in case they can be used for a future projects).

My tag came from the following:  Using the January kit, I created a really quick, fun tag with the cool ‘sew’ label and some left over scraps.

It had been sitting on my desk these past several weeks, just waiting for that perfect project, when it HIT ME! Let’s create a layout with the tag and one of my experiment papers. I rummaged thru my ‘future drawer’ and found the inspiration I was looking for.

The circles on the cardstock were a little too bold for the layout I was planning, so I ‘colored’ them in with a white gelato marker. I layered the tag on top of more scraps and adhered it to the cardstock with some washi tape. (LOVE THIS STUFF). I drew some lines in the corner with a ruler and pen, adhered my photo to the cardstock with more washi tape, and stitched down the title.

Because the main embellishment (tag) of the layout and the background paper were ‘pre-made’ the layout came together very quickly. I really enjoyed this process as it allowed me to use scraps from my stash, and to use pre-made elements on a finished piece. You could also try this technique using a pre-made card. 

Wanna try this and win some goodies?  The January #2 sketch is still open over at the Paper Bakery.  Submit your layout and if you win, you could win some Paper Bakery goodies.  (Submissions accepted until January 29th.)

Wanna see another peek???

Case File #4 over at CSI is an another amazing mix of colors, design elements, and journaling prompts.  I loved it so much, I created TWO, yes TWO layouts!  Here is a sneaky peek of the challenge and of my projects. 

Wanna see more?  Come back Friday evening and I'll reveal both layouts and a fun little peek at my CSI Design Process - 'Getting from A to X, Y, and Z'.

That's all for today.  Have a great day and take care,

Friday, January 20, 2012

CSI Case File#3 - Live with Abandon/Life Stops for No One

Happy Friday!  I love Fridays for many reasons - the end of the work week - SUPER YIPPEE!  a weekend ahead of crafting, and reveal time at CSI - Colors, Stories, and Inspiration.

Debbi has outdone herself once again...the challenge this week was a tough one.  I had originally intended NOT to create a layout.  I was struggling with the colors and the inspiration prompts and couldn't find the right match.  But, I was looking for a challenge, so last week, I pulled the challenge back out and ended up with TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT layouts, using the same prompts. 

Here's the challenge...

WOW, you say?? too.  :)

So I pulled out my stash and went to work.  Here's my first layout and a short video that explains my design process and challenge elements in more detail.

'Life stops for no-one'

The elements I chose to incorporate into this layout were the following:
* doily print*
* circular elements*
* repetition *
* Use second person point of view *

Here's my second layout, and part two of my design process video.

'Live with abandon'

The elements I chose to incorporate into my layout was the following:
* tags*
* gold metallic elements*
* journal on a tag or series of tags *
* Inspiration words: fulfillment *

I hope you find time to play along with this week's challenge.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your crafting!