Monday, April 21, 2014

Hazel & Ruby Makery - Debut Project!

Hello and Happy Monday!

Last week, I was announced over on the Hazel & Ruby blog as one of their new Makery/Creative Team members!  DIY is very close to my heart, and Hazel & Ruby has very innovative and creative products that will fulfill your DIY dreams!

In addition to my introduction, I also shared my first HR project, a Mixed Media canvas.

This project is super FUN, and requires limited supplies and FIVE easy steps:  A canvas of any size (mine is an 8x10), several shades of acrylic paint (I used Distress Paints so I can get a blended look), and your favorite Hazel & Ruby stencil (or two).

Step One:
Draw straight lines on your canvas using a small T square.  I have a 12 in square and it is the perfect size for all of my craft projects.  It is a great tool for creating straight lines and designs, AND it was only a couple of bucks!

These lines will be used as a guide for letter placement.  You can either erase them when you have your stencil in place, or leave them as the paint will generally cover up the pencil marks.

Step Two:
Apply your stencil.  The great thing about Hazel & Ruby stencil/masks is that they are re-usable and re-movable.  You can move your words and letters around on your canvas until you are happy with the overall placement.

Step Three: 
Apply paint to canvas.  Another reason I love Distress Paints is that they have a built in dauber.  No cleanup needed.  Apply right over the stencil.  A quick spritz with water blends the Distress Paints to create a beautiful color palette.

Remove stencil and dry completely.

Step Four:
Outline each word/letter with a Stabilo pencil and create a watercolor effect by painting over the pencil mark with a wet paintbrush.  Draw the pencil mark inside the letter and color in the space.  You’ll get a great, subtle watercolor look.

Step Five:
Add more outlines with black and white doodle pens.  Hang!

Do you like to create Home Décor projects?  How would you incorporate your favorite quote into a project?   

Thanks for stopping by!

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