Tuesday, June 10, 2014

All a flutter....

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Last week, I shared two Home Decor projects over on the My Mind's Eye blog!  Both projects are inspired by summer, flowers, and butterflies.  All things that make me happy!

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If you have followed me for a while, you know that I enjoy creating Home Décor projects, especially wall art.  I love creating unique, one-of-a-kind framed art that can be displayed in my home.  I can change it as the seasons and design styles change, and I get satisfaction out of creating something handmade.

I call my first project a ‘Butterfly Swarm’.  Using one of the Ready To Frame, 8x10 pieces as a base for my art, I digitally cut 18 butterflies from several sheets of 6x6 paper.  (using both sides to create a variety of butterflies). Here’s a link to the digital cut!


I glued the first butterfly directly to the background sheet, and then adhered the 2nd butterfly to the first. I glued only the main body part so that the wings could flutter.  Make sure that the wings can move and arrange them so the butterfly appears to be flying.


Continue until all 18 butterflies are adhered to the background.  Once the glue is dry, add a Decorative Brad the center of each butterfly for a dimensional touch.  Don’t the brads look beautiful as Butterfly bodies?


Assemble the art to the frame and mat board, and hang.  I usually do not cover my pieces with the enclosed glass, loving the ‘touch and feel’ aspect of the art, but do ‘hide’ the glass behind the art so that the frame has the necessary thickness for hanging.

via MME

After creating my swarm of butterflies, I wanted to create a piece with a focus on a large, colorful butterfly.  Using one of my favorite design techniques, I digitally cut a large butterfly and began ‘filling in’ the cut sections with small pieces of bright, colorful patterned paper.

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Since I created this project after my Butterfly Swarm project, I had all sorts of small scraps of patterned paper leftover, so they were perfect for this project.  No waste.


After I cut the beautiful Filigree Gold Butterfly, I also cut another from white cardstock, and another of just the outline (without the inside cuts) of white cardstock. I used these 2 pieces for the base of my butterfly.


Using the Filigree cut butterfly as a template, I traced paper for all of the inside cut pieces.  I adhered them to the solid white butterfly.  I then placed the Filigree cut white cardstock butterfly over the solid one and adhered them together. I wanted some dimension to my butterfly, so I added foam tape between the Gold and Base butterflies.


To finish her off, I used a Jar chipboard piece for the butterfly body and a piece of twine.  I also added a strip of gold decorative tape the outside border of the frame.  Just a little personal touch.  You can never have enough gold, right?

Just like before, assemble your art to the frame and mat board and hang.  Again, I did not use the glass on the outside, allowing for a ‘touch and feel’ project.

Since I used Market Street for both projects, they can be hung together in a display for a summertime feel.

I hope you enjoyed my projects today!  As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by!

1 comment:

Sanna Lippert said...

I love the second (big) single butterly piece!just gorgeous!!! hugs, Sanna

1 comment:

Sanna Lippert said...

I love the second (big) single butterly piece!just gorgeous!!! hugs, Sanna