Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DIY Decor Tape Weaved Stars


Happy Tuesday!

Today, I am up on the Hazel & Ruby blog with a new DIY Decor Tape project, a weaved, stitched fabric star.

Weaving is super trendy and hip right now, so I thought, why not try some weaving with DIY Decor Tape.  Before I start, I should mention that the DIY Decor Tape I used for my stars included a removable back, so I didn't have to worry about the tape sticking to itself.  But if you want to try this with one of the narrower DIY Decor Tapes without a backing, just apply some baby powder to the backside and no more stick!

Let's get right to the tutorial!

Step One
Cut out desired shapes.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut 2 different sized stars on regular cardstock.  I will use these as a template.

Step Two
Grab your favorite DIY Decor Tape!  I am using the 12" Wooden Grain tape for my project.  I thought the tape would give my stars a basket weave look.
Cut into 1/2" strips.

Step Three
Figure out how wide your weaved tape section will need to be.  My star is approx 12" wide, so I will need a 12"x12" section of weaved tape.  Place strips of tape parallel to each other, securing at the top with masking tape.

Step Four
Weave strips through secured strips until you have a 12"x12" section.
To keep the weaved section in place, I secured all 4 edges with masking tape.

Step Five
Using star template, trace pattern on weaved section.  I wanted a fabric look, so I also traced the star pattern on muslin, batting, and a piece of sewing tissue paper.
Cut out all template shapes, EXCEPT DIY DECOR TAPE.  (See Step Six)

Step Six
Machine stitch traced pattern on DIY Decor Tape, BEFORE cutting out the template shape.  This will hold the star design together.  After you stitch, cut out around the stitching approx 1/4".

Step Seven
Layer fabric, batting, tissue paper, and DIY Decor Tape on top of each other with straight pins.  Machine stitch all layers together, repeating all edges 3 times.
I wanted a rustic look, so I did not stitch in the same place during each pass of the machine.

Step Eight
Repeat above with smaller star template and Hang!  Since these are super light weight, you can hang with a piece of double sticky tape or removable hanging material.

They are the perfect addition to my fireplace mantle.  Of course, I would remove them when I wanted a fire in my fireplace.  :)

I would love to know what projects you would like to create with your sewing machine and DIY Decor Tape.  Please share!  

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day!

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