Wednesday, September 9, 2015

'Shine' Quilted Wall Art - Repurposing old projects into new



Happy Wednesday!

Last week, I shared a re-purposed, recycled on the Hazel & Ruby blog.

Whenever possible, I love to use re-cycled or re-purposed items in my mixed media and home decor projects. For this specific idea, I wanted to re-purpose one of the felt balls used in my Hazel & Ruby Wool Felt Ball Garland Crafternoon project.  I posted the original project HERE.  

This type of project is perfect when you want to re-use part of previously created project to update your home decor with a new, uniquely you idea!  I turned the above, into this!

My home decor color scheme is more neutral and dark, yet I really love these felt balls and how fun and trendy they are.  How do we change them up to fix my home decor style?  Nothing that a coat (or two) of paint won't fix!  How fun would these felt balls be painted in colors to perfectly match your color palette.  Using several shades of your favorite acrylic paint, you can change 'em up in no time flat.

But I didn't stop with paint.  I wanted to use them in a new, innovative way, so I cut one felt ball into two halves.  I wanted a gold, vintage color scheme, so I first painted my felt ball with white paint, then gold spray mist.  Perfect!

I then stitched 'sun-rays' onto a scrap piece of quilt fabric for added texture and design.  

I wanted a short sentiment that enhanced my newly created 'sun' felt ball, so I handstitched 'shine' onto the fabric and my project was complete! 

Old to new in less than 60 minutes.

So next time you want to re-do and freshen your home decor, re-purpose an old Hazel & Ruby project or Crafternoon kit and make it something new!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful week!

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