Friday, November 13, 2015

Shabby Chic Handmade Pillows


Happy Friday!  Today, I have created a trio of Shabby Chic pillows, using one of Hazel & Ruby's Crafternoon kits, 'Dreamcatcher'.  

When creating, I am often looking at ways to expand my creative options.  I'm always looking for ways to extend and experiment what I can create with a certain product.  One of my many Hazel & Ruby Makery team products are their wonderful Crafternoon kitsBesides creating the super cute and easy enclosed kits, I am also looking for ways to 'think outside the kit' and see what else my creative mind can envision.  The Dreamcatcher kit didn't exactly match my home decor style, but that didn't stop me from making something I simply love.

Here's a peek at the Dreamcatcher kit and all the luscious ribbon enclosed.

 I love pillows!  Who doesn't love pillows?  ;)  How about a trio of handmade, Shabby Chic pillows?  Now we're talking.

I grabbed some basic muslin fabric from my stash and cut it to size.  My first pillow is approx 10" x 14".

Cut 2 sections, 10" x 14".  Set 1 aside.  

Creating the warp of the weaved pillow cover by ripping 1/2" strips of 1 section .

Don't you just love all the loose threads and shabby goodness?

Lay strips, side by side, tapeing the top to hold into place.

These will be the warp.  

Grab several of your favorite Hazel & Ruby ribbons, and begin weaving them over and under each warp ribbon.

You might have to coax some of the ribbons in place, so take your time when weaving.

Continue weaving ribbons until you have reached the desired size.  

Special tip:  Tape the end of each weaved ribbon to hold it into place.  It will help secure it until you are ready for stitching.

Gentle lift the weaved section and place on top of the 2nd piece of cut muslin.  Pin in place.

Machine stitch around the outer edge, making sure to 'catch' the end of each ribbon.  Once done, trim edges so they are all even.

I really loved the crocheted doily in the Dreamcatcher kit, so I thought it would be fun to add it as an accent on the corners of my pillow.

Fold doily in half, and cut lengthwise.

Stitch the four doily pieces to the corner of the weaved section.

With right sides together, pink stitched weaved section to backside of pillow.  (I used a cut piece of quilt batting.)  Stitch around the outer edge, approx 1/2" from the edge.  Do not stitch all around the edge.  Leave approx 5-6"  on side open, so you can turn the pillow and stuff.

Once stitched, turn the pillow, right side out, and stuffStitch small opening, using a blind stitch.

I cannot say how much I love how this turned out.

I didn't stop there.  There is so much ribbon in this Crafternoon kit, I wanted another pillow.

I grabbed several more sections of basic muslin for the base of my pillow.  (this pillow is approx 12" x 16")

I gathered some ribbon and machine stitched it to the center of the muslin base.  I also hand-stitched strips of yarn (included in the kit) to the right and left of the ribbon.  Lastly, I machine stitched several strips of the burlap ribbon, included in the kit.  For a complete Shabby Chic look, I stitched 3 buttons from my stash, to the center of the middle ribbon.

I wanted to incorporate the enclosed eyelet ribbon, so I pinned the ribbon to the outer edge (before stitching).  

Using the same technique as above, (and using batting for the back), put both right sides together, and machine stitch around the outer edge, leaving a section so you can turn the pillow inside out and stuff.

Of course, I couldn't created JUST TWO!  ;)  How about a mini pillow?

 Using the same technique as above, I grabbed a section of basic muslin for the cover.  (this pillow is approx 6" x 8").

Using the ribbon, stitch a random, quilted design, adding more buttons for a Shabby Chic look.

These are so perfect for my little bench in the front foyer of my house.  ♥

I leave you with a few more close-ups of my pillows!  Enjoy!

Have a great day! 

1 comment:

Linda Lipford said...

These are beautiful! Hope you will post more of your creations. Found you on Instagram...

1 comment:

Linda Lipford said...

These are beautiful! Hope you will post more of your creations. Found you on Instagram...