Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bottle of Wishes for PaperWhimsy


Happy Thursday and December!

PaperWhimsy Amazing Alterables make beautiful Home Decor and Wall Art pieces.  I love incorporating the timeless Alterable designs with my favorite vintage and nature findings and objects.

The Garden Cottage Amazing Alterable, flipped upside down, makes a wonderful little shelf.  Perfect for hanging little objects d'art and for displaying your vintage goodies.

To create my little shelf, I embossed the raw alterable, then sprayed it with some spray mist for more texture and dimension.

Under the vintage tin, I cut and hand-stithed eco-dyed fabric in the shape of the cooresponding alterable piece.  

I used bits & pieces of other Amazing Alterable sets to complete my project.

The focal point is a vintage salt shaker, filled with 11 Milkweed seeds.  I gathered the Milkweed in the fall, keeping them for the perfect project.


PaperWhimsy products used:
Garden Cottage Un No. 2
Curious Object No. 3

What is your favorite way to use Amazing Alterables?  I'd love to know.  Have a wonderful day!  Thanks for stopping by.   

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