Monday, February 15, 2016

Fairy Dreams Art Doll for PaperWhimsy


Happy Monday!

Yesterday, I shared my latest PaperWhimsy project on the PaperWhimsy blog.  This month, I put a little bit of color and whimsy into my project and just love how it turned out.

My Fairy Dreams Art Doll was created by combining bits and pieces of several PaperWhimsy Amazing Alterable sets.  I often only use parts of a Alterable set when I create a project.  What is left, I keep and use on future projects. Sometimes, the smallest, leftover part is just what your new project needs.

 Using one of my favorite techniques to embellish the Amazing Alterable pieces, heat emboss the raw pieces, then add texture with modeling paste and your favorite stencil.

I add Inka Gold to each piece, really highlighting the raised stencil sections.  

Once all of the Alterable pieces are painted, assemble them into a whimsical design.  Also add molded and original broken charlotte legs and arms.

PaperWhimsy products used:
Curious Object No. 3
Matchbox Reliquary No. 1
Embellishment Numerals
Fancy Wheels 01
Sheet 096
Digi 180
Embellishment Wings

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