Saturday, May 28, 2016

'Free Your Mind' Amazing Alterable Assemblage


Today I am sharing my latest PaperWhimsy Amazing Alterable project.

I love combining Amazing Alterables with my favorite junk store finds and molded resin castings.  These 3 things make my heart soar with happiness.

 For today's project, I used the 'l'Abbaye Un' alterable.  It is full of little niches for your junk finds and has a great architectural look.

 I gave the raw alterable a quick coat of gesso so that my papers would be extra bright when applied.  I used some of my own vintage papers to fill the back spaces, and the PaperWhimsy 'l'Abbaye un slip' printable for the edges and sides.  I printed this on vellum paper so it had a transparent effect.  The printable is made specifically for this alterable, so no need to measure to size. 

Once my vintage papers and printable were applied, I used adhesive metallic tape on the edges for a different look.  

Everything was aged with alcohol ink and crackle effects.

I filled the niches with some vintage finds and packing material.  (I don't throw anything away)

I had adhered several of my own casted resin pieces (the face, butterfly, body, and legs) with 2 wings from Prima (Relics & Artifacts). 

I colored each resin pieces with water colors, mica powders, and glitter.  Yum!

 I finished her off with some bling and a hand-stamped sentiment.  You can never have enough glimmer and shine!

PaperWhimsy products used:
l'Abbaye Un Alterable
l'Abbaye Un Slip
How do you use your Amazing Alterables?  What is your favorite way to make them unique and one-of-a-kind?

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day! 

1 comment:

Sanna Lippert said...

I love this piece! absolutely stunning!!!!

1 comment:

Sanna Lippert said...

I love this piece! absolutely stunning!!!!