Thursday, July 21, 2016

Creative Time with a Beautiful Friend!


Happy Thursday!

I have a SUPER FUN post to share with you today!  If you follow me on IG and FB, you know I recently took a trip to Austria to visit my wonderfully talented and super amazing friend, Sanna LippertMy trip was WAYYYY too short, but we managed to get some creative time in.  I think my next trip to Austria will be much longer and we will devote several days to just creating!  :)

We wanted to create a piece that would always make us remember the special days we shared.  So, we raided explored her husbands' "Man Shed" for inspiration and we came across two old bicycle lights!  How perfect for an assemblage project that can incorporate various objects from my trip.

Sanna's husband tweaked and tightened each nut & bolt and graciously modified the lights to our liking.  Now off to our artistic adventure!

Everything on my Artsy Light is from Austria, including Sanna's paint, sprays, and adhesive!  I incorporated ribbon and twine gifted to me by Sanna, and bits and bobs of small metal objects purchase at a Vienna Flea Market.

The woman 'cut-out' is from a vintage playing card deck I purchased in Vienna.  I really love how she completes the piece.  If you peek behind the woman there is also a piece of paper from a German book.  (again gifted by Sanna)

The sentiment 'Sweet Life' is a true representation of how I feel about my life.  I am truly blessed and am so lucky to have gorgeous friends from all over this world!  Sanna is one of those people I feel honored to call a friend!  ♥♥♥

I have pictures and memorabilia of my short trip to Austria, but this will always hold a special place in my heart!  

Thank you Sanna!  Thank you for opening your home to me and sharing a little piece of your life.  Hugs!

Be sure to stop on over to Sanna's blog and check out her Bicycle Art.  ;)  (p.s. - it has eye-lashes)

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