Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stenciled Vintage Handkerchief Pillow


Happy Tuesday!

It's been so nice to have some free time during the weekends and evenings.  I, (of course) spend a majority of this free time, creating.  Making things makes my heart very happy, and I find joy and happiness in getting my hands messy with paint and ink.  

 In addition to mixed media type projects, I love DIY.  I've noticed that I love making DIY, hand-made, one-of-a-kind pillows.  I'm not sure why, but they are frequently a go-to project type.

Today, I will show you how to make this Vintage inspired DIY Decor pillow, using just a few supplies.

I started with a vintage handkerchief I picked up at a local antique store.  The size was perfect for a small pillow.

I 'stuck' the large flower stencil from the 'Flowers' Adhesive set from Momenta,  to the center of the handkerchief, and applied Stencil Paint.  

At this point, I realized that the handkerchief was too white for my liking, so I gave it a vintage hue with a dip in tea.  

Next, I adhered a sheet of vintage music paper to the back of the handkerchief, with Matte Medium.  I applied the Matte Medium to both sides of the handkerchief to ensure a good seal.

As this was drying, I started assembling the back and fringe of my pillow.  I machine stitched fringe to the back fabric piece to make it easier for when I stitched the stenciled piece to the back.

Once the handkerchief was thoroughly dried, I pinned the front to back, right sides together.  I machine-stitched around the entire pillow, leaving most of 1 side open for turning.

 Special Note:  The front of the pillow is very fragile, due to the paper backing.  I was able to gently turn the pillow right-side out with little ripping or tearing.  But, this pillow is for decorative purposes only.  

Once the pillow was turned right-side out, I stuffed with polyfill and machine-stitched the open edge.  I normally hand-stitch the open edge closed, but due to the fragile nature, I wanted a more secure closure.

The matte medium made the front somewhat stiff, but I still really enjoy how it turned out.  I really makes me want to try this technique again.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a terrific day!