Friday, July 8, 2016

Trash to Treasure Challenge!


Happy Friday!

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite types of blog posts.  The kind where I get to collaborate with fellow creatives to share ideas and inspirations.  

A few months back, I put a call out for those interested in a 'Trash to Treasure' type of challenge.  The challenge was simple - create a project using objects and items that would have normally been thrown in the trash.  What fun!  And hey, it's all about being green these days!

If you really look at what you throw away each day, creativity abounds! Even if you only see paper, cardboard, and plastic, the possibilities are endless.  During my 'trash gathering' phase, I threw things that 'caught my eye' into a box until I sat down to create.  I wasn't really sure my end project was going to be, so it was fun, mysterious, and exciting!

When it came time to create my project, I relied on an old stand-by - Mini Books!  You can never go wrong creating mini books!  I wanted to challenge myself to use as many recycled items as possible, so I really had to think. 

As a special note:  The only 'un-recycled' items used in my project are:  gesso, adhesive, thread, modeling paste, and pen.  Not too bad, if I say so myself.

But enough talking...let's get to my project.

This type of project doesn't really require a tutorial, so I'll just let you in on the trashy secrets!  ;)

 What do I see here?  Is that a piece of a bra?  Certainly is!  

 The base of each page was created from my Hello Fresh meal recipe books.  The paper was super thick and was perfect.  I used the words on the pages for all of my 'journaling'.  I also spy bubble wrap, plastic bread ties and cardboard.

I deconstructed my bra and used the fabric as an insert on 1 page, and as a flower on another.  
Notice the slight 'rusty' color?  I 'painted' my pages with my very own rust water.  I have been brewing my own rust water for just this purpose.  Love it!

I also spy bread plastic wraps and twist ties.


I spy more pieces of my bra strap and lots of trashy treasures.  Oh yeah, I used a couple of my favorite StencilGirl stencils to add a subtle patter to my recipe pages.  I really love how it looks.

I think the favorite piece of my book is the closure.  How perfect is that?

It's amazing what you can create with trash!  I guess I need to raid my re-cycle bin more often!  :)

Ready for more inspiration?  Here's a list of who else participated in the challenge!  Hop away and Enjoy!

Mitra Pratt 
Candy Rosenberg, A Vintage Girl 
Christy Strickler
Robyn Crowningshield 

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Christy Strickler said...

So Much detail! I would love to explore this album in person.

1 comment:

Christy Strickler said...

So Much detail! I would love to explore this album in person.