Monday, September 12, 2016

Simple & Easy Stenciled Wall Decor


Happy Monday!

I hope you are paying attention today, because this project is so simple and easy, you can complete it before you blink!  :)
And who doesn't love simple and quick!

Step One
You can use pretty much any type of background for your wall art.  Printed paper, dyed paper, dyed fabric, printed fabric, quilt fabric, painted paper, etc.  I used a piece of eco-dyed batting for my background, but my step-out pictures will show a sheet of eco-dyed paper.

Place adhesive stencil onto background and apply your choice of paint.  All of the Art-C Acrylic, Metallic, and Luxe paints work beautifully for this project.   
I used Gold Luxe Metallic Paint for my project.

(the picture shows Eggplant Metallic Acrylic Paint which would also be gorgeous)

For my piece, I used the Adhesive Fabric Stencil - Arrows 8 x 8.   

Step Two
Let the paint dry and frame it up!  I placed mine into an 'open air' frame (without glass).  This is the type of wall art that begs to be touched.  

Done! I told you it was quick.  Creating doesn't have to be complicated or take days.  

Thank you for stopping by today!  Have a fantastic week!

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